You Can International is a building system that differentiates itself by using SABS approved building materials of high aesthetic value, comfort and durability, suitable for all market segments. This means that all types and sizes of buildings can be constructed, with dimensions having to be rounded to a multiple of 180mm. The YouCan system ensures fast-stacking building methods and assembly of complete, tailor made house buildings kits, resulting in finished turn-key houses and buildings.


At You-Can, we are committed with a passion to make a difference in our community, our country, and our continent with our You-Can GREEN building system.

"We Trust In God to built and protect our business. We believe in the free enterprise system. We subscribe to the democratic forms of government."

Proud South African Product

"It is our policy to contribute positively to the quality of live.  We therefore regard the welfare of our employees and clients as being of prime importance, as well as endeavouring to contribute towards the creation of more job opportunities, higher living standards and the promotion of mutually beneficial relationships.  With our building solution we want all people to live in a high quality and durable house.  We want to help governments and housing institutions to solve their housing problems.  This can be done with the You-Can System."

Minimal Construction Difficulties

  • no levelling-no horizontal joints
  • no aligning-auto aligning
  • no spacing-no vertical joints
  • no cutting-pre-shaped
  • no plastering
  • no building rubble-save 12%
  • no shaving, adjustment-pre-drilled and tapped door/window frames
  • no cutting and re-plastering-cast-in accessory blocks for electricity,water and ventilation
  • no tile cutting
  • 91% water saving on site-liquid sealing mortar